FAQ – Range Influence by JRRNY

What is Range?

Range is a matching service for travel and lifestyle marketers to discover people who can write about their product and service. Range is part of www.jrrny.com, a leading travel consumer service where people discover travel ideas and insight.

How does this work for brands and marketers?

If you’re a brand looking to find other people to write about you, we can help. When you join Range, you provide background on your company and simply describe the specific marketing you need and how much you are willing to pay. Once your funds are deposited, your opportunity is presented to thousands of influencers who bid on your opportunity.

How does this work for Influencers?

Once you join Range, you are eligible to receive offers to write and make money for dozens of brands. You create the work on jrrny.com as well as other popular platforms to deliver the service.

How do Influencers get paid?

After you are selected for an opportunity, money is held in an escrow account and released to you once the work is complete.

More questions?

Contact us at 866-555-1212 or email us at info@traverseinfluence.com

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